Our Story

Kevin “MPECKABLE” Peck a father, husband, savvy businessman and motivator to all whom he encounters is a self proclaimed “dream merchant”.  Kevin is known as an encourager who vows to push everyone to their purpose.

Blessed with an array of talents, Kevin is the consummate professional whether in the studio, behind the podium or in the boardroom. He refuses to accept anything less than perfection from himself, and the clients and products he represents. 

The CHRONOS CHRIST brand is no different; it took about two years of traveling the world for Kevin to identify a manufacturer to uphold his MPECKABLE standard.  Marked by the simple complexity of the design, the Genesis collection features an automatic movement, sapphire crystal and genuine leather band; black with black face or brown band with rose gold accents. Details from the deployment clasp, custom hands and the bevel makes this time piece appealing to both men and women of all ages.  

The newly released products; the Vision Pen and the Truth Belts exude the same quality. The Vision Pen is the first in the line of Executive pens with clean lines and ultra smooth writing helping you to make your mark with every use. The Truth belts make a statement in all that you wear featuring an automatic buckle without holes, redefining the category of luxury accessories. 

CHRONOS CHRIST is a LUXURY brand with a KINGDOM mindset that values excellence in people, purpose, passion and products. CHRONOS CHRIST reminds us that LUXURY can be inclusive not exclusive to all that choose to receive their Birth Right. We invite you to step into The Royal Family of CHRONOS CHRIST.