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Kingdom mindset

The Royal Family Awaits

Kingdom Luxury
simple complexity


Automatic movement
deployment clasp

Natural Motion Energy

Sapphire crystal
Designed to last

A LEGACY Timepiece

automatic buckle
perfect fit

Find Your TRUTH

CHRONOS CHRIST is a LUXURY brand with a KINGDOM mindset that values excellence in people, purpose, passion and products. CHRONOS CHRIST reminds us that LUXURY can be inclusive not exclusive to all that choose to receive their Birth Right. We invite you to step into The Royal Family of CHRONOS CHRIST.



 I trust my time with the Chronos Christ watch. It’s stylish for when I’m in a business meeting or if I’m just out and about.

Sean Evans Dallas TX
Sean Evans, Dallas TX

Love this watch. Back to simplicity. Clean. Efficient. Very Nice.

Avian Biscoe, The Recycle Room VI
Avian, St. Thomas USVI

The design and craftsmanship of  the products are only matched by the inspirational message that drives them.

Pastor Gregory Pollard Enon Baptist
Pastor Gregory Pollard