Why You Should Wear a Watch in Smartphone Times

We can think of several features of a smart phone that seem to have replaced functional items like the calculator, the map, the alarm clock, the camera and how about the watch?  Is the wrist watch passé?  

We say no, a watch is functional, convenient and stylish.

The functional aspect of a wrist watch can't be overstated - time is an vital piece of information needed to direct us throughout the day.  Referring to your wrist as opposed to your smart phone is convenient will limit the distractions.  When you look at your watch you receive the time not your social media updates and text message notifications. Wearing a watch also adds an element of style - and people notice your watch. It can be a statement piece and conversation starter.  

"Want to check the time look at your phone you want to make a statement, wear a CHRONOS CHRIST watch." MPECKABLE


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